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Have you ever felt "stuck"?  Like maybe there has to be more to life than what you are feeling?  If you said yes, you are not alone!  Most of us have times in our lives when we need help and it is OK to ask for that help. Counseling is not about fixing something that is broken.  It is about learning how to manage your emotions and making the most of your life, both the ups and downs.  Enjoying the good times are easy, of course.  Counseling can help you accept that there are natural dips in life and unexpected events. You can learn to tap into your personal strengths and learn how to control what is controllable in your life. It is more than you think!


Grief is not just about mourning the death of a loved one.  It can occur whenever we lose something such as a relationship, a job, way of life or even quality of life. Grief is an unavoidable experience in our lives. It is not always recognized or dealt with appropriately. I help clients understand and move through their grief so they learn to accept how life changes. Learn to deal with grief and start feeling better today!

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Intimate relationships are hard work! I see couples of all ages and genders to help them interact with their partner more intimately. You'll learn to communicate and understand how to disagree appropriately, (yes it is OK to argue!). You can learn to use your differences to complement each other and become stronger! Work with me weekly or in an intensive weekend through Couples Therapy Inc.
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Military and their Families

Thank you to all the military personnel and their families!  You make a difference for all of us by serving despite tremendous personal sacrifices.  The military is a unique environment which can compete with civilian life.  It is my goal to help you and your family understand how to use your strengths to cope in that civilian world.

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