Spring Has Sprung

Spring is a time of renewal, regrowth and hope.  After a long winter of cold, gray days, we look forward to the warmer temperatures and signs of spring on tress and in flowers.  Often it is a time to clean and de-clutter our houses.  It can also be a time to clean and de-clutter ourselves and our relationships.

Relationships are like a garden.  When we want to start a garden, we till the soil and put down weed killer.  We plant the seeds, water them and pull the weeds regularly.  We watch the seeds sprout and grow as we tenderly water and care for what we have worked hard to create.  We anticipate and hope for a beautiful outcome.

We can apply this same theme to our relationships.  We till the relationship by making sure we are being honest with our partner and treating each other with respect.  The planted seeds are the skills we use to communicate effectively with one another.  In order for our seeds to grow we have to water them by spending time together, using our rituals of connection.  We pull weeds by dealing with disagreements and frustrations directly and developing a mutually agreed upon plan.  The reward comes when we are happy and having fun with our partner.

There is no secret formula for a successful relationship.  It comes from consistent, hard work in both the sunshine and the rain.  If you are not satisfied with your relationship garden, take some time to think about what your garden needs.  Maybe it needs some fertilizer or re-tilling.  Maybe it needs a little more water.  Maybe it is being choked by weeds.  Remember the more time you put into developing and maintaining your garden, the bigger the reward you will get in the outcomes.  Spending quality time together, being honest in your communications and having fun together will lead to beautiful blooms!

Happy gardening!