Did You Zig When You Should Have Zagged?

Life usually happens through zigs and zags.


How often do we make a plan and expect to go from point A to point B only to look back and see the twists and turns of our journey?

Often times we second guess our decision to turn right instead of left.  We zigged instead of zagged. Or we wonder what might have happened if we made a different choice.  What would have happened if I zagged instead of zigged?  At the moment of our crossroad, we may even wonder if we will ever achieve our goal.  We might get discouraged and want to give up.


Why do we assume there is only one way to get to where we are going?  What if we open ourselves up to the possibility that achieving our goal is inevitable and it is the journey that needs our focus and attention?


If you have ever moved to a new city, do you remember getting directions to someplace and then becoming pleasantly surprised when you learned there was another, more direct route to get there?  Or when you realized that often times there are several exits off of a highway that can get you to where you are going?  We can zig or zag.  Being lost really isn’t being lost.  It is simply taking a different road than the one we planned on taking.  For me, that moment of realizing I don’t need to be so scared or so anxious is very reassuring!  It helps me take a deep calming breath and focus on figuring out the new path without fear of not getting there.


What if we apply this thinking to our life journey?  What if we know that there are various routes we can take and still end up in the same place?  Wouldn’t that allow us to stop worrying? Wouldn’t it free up our time and senses to enjoy what is happening in the moment rather than doubting we will arrive at our destination?


So, the next time life puts up a detour sign, rather than panic, thinking we should have zigged, let’s get excited about learning a new route or seeing new sights by zagging.  At the very least it certainly will give us some interesting stories to tell!  As Dr. Seuss says, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”