Time For Some Spring Cleaning!

Historically, Spring has been a time for cleaning out what we no longer want or need.  It is a time for deep cleaning our houses, clearing away the cobwebs and adding fresh air to our homes.  So why not take advantage of this renewing time of year to clean out what no longer serves us emotionally?  Yes, do some spring cleaning from the inside out.


Often times, we have a hard time letting go of a piece of clothing.  We tell ourselves we are going to wear it this year or that we are going to lose some weight and be able to wear it again.  If we are honest with ourselves, how often does that happen?  Instead, we tend to go out and buy something new that makes us feel better, younger, thinner, happier.  So, why not apply this same concept to our emotional selves.


Take some time to ponder on your core values.  What are your beliefs about yourself or about others?  Are you happy in the state of your relationship?  Your job?  Is there a relationship you want to improve?  Is there someone you would like to develop a friendship with?  Is there a job opportunity you are wanting but too afraid to take the risk?  Now is the time to identify those core thoughts, core beliefs or core values that are holding you back.  Ask yourself if they are taking up space that can be replaced with more affirming beliefs that help you move ahead in life rather than keep you “stuck” where you are.


Obviously, taking emotional inventory can be a sensitive project.  I don’t recommend sweeping changes.  Try identifying one core belief that you find particularly heavy and consider letting it go.  Replace it with something that builds you up.  For instance, if you find yourself often saying “I can’t to do that” trying saying “I choose not to do that.”  See where this line of thinking takes you.  Really focus on what makes you believe you cannot do something.  The goal is to determine if this core belief is something you want to keep because you can really use it or, has it become a habit that is not longer helpful?


Start letting go of those beliefs that no longer serve you and let yourself blossom!  After all, isn’t that what spring is all about?